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What am I doing to be better? | Overland Park KS Senior Photographer

I have been busy working. I am so blessed. I am always striving to do better. be better. live better. I am not okay with just taking photos. I want to be the best I can be. (It’s a famous slogan for a reason.) I want to be the very best photographer, CEO & COO I can be! If I am great at what I do at work I can be better at what I do at home and I can be around more!

I am working on a few things right now…..

  • Efficiency. I am working on being more efficient in my daily worklife. I need to maximize my time with my family and my ME time and minimize the time I work. AND I’ve been thinking a lot about only spending time doing the things I LOVE at work….this is both outsourcing and building processes to automate the things that I can.
  • Outsourcing. read efficiency.
  • Processes. read efficiency.
  • Rebranding. I hate the name FITori PHOTO. I just created it b/c it was easy and I didn’t know that I’d go into business. I had no idea I’d be this booked, this fast and doing this well. Hallelujah! I am working on rebranding soon. I only want to do it once…I don’t want to do this again next year so I’m taking a lot of time to really think this through!

I am feeling inspired these days from all of my learning and investing in my business!  I am also doing a ton of research in my “free” time about juicing and I’ll be sharing this info soon.  And, I still have a Baby Led Weaning Post that I’m way overdue on posting.

I have had so much fun with my shoots lately!!! I’m still shooting weddings almost every weekend and other sessions during the week…seniors, families, events, children, etc. Here’s my latest series that I just love. Isn’t she gorgeous?! See more here.

And sprinkled in between editing for my clients, I have to edit some of my FIToddler. That girl is full of personality and LOVES her accessories. This day was a doo rag.



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